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Many women spend much time and money having their fingernails painted and decorated at top-rated beauty salons. Why settle for a mere single shade when you can color your world with cool ombre nails that will instantly elevate your look from basic to brilliant? The gradual transition from one color or shade to another is a style that has stood the test of time — ombré isn't going anywhere. From hair highlights to home decor, this pretty gradient trend is everywhere. Luckily, it's also one of the easiest nail styles to recreate at any nail salon near you.

Pink and white nails—classic color choices that really never get old. Don’t you agree? Pretty and femme, this ombre design is another fresh alternative to a standard manicure. The ombre here is very soft with delicate pink and white polishes being extremely close, which suits the lighter weather and works perfectly with a summer dress or a springtime ensemble. You might also consider trying this palette for a bridal party or simply when you want to look sweet and chic. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your elegant manicure and post it on Instagram! 
While ombre has been wildly popular in hair and couture, its whimsical gradient of tones – from shadow to light – is stylishly transforming nails in the same fashion. Keep in mind that using a high-quality nail polish will spare you the troubles of having to deal with a manicure that peels the next day. Therefore, it is important to choose a good nail salon in your living city.

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Ongles Domaine | Nail service and Spa for everyone in Montréal, QC H1N 2Z7
Pink & white nails, also known as French tips, are a look consisting of white tips on a pink nail base. They are typically achieved by adding a plastic tip or sculpting one to the nail and covering it in acrylic powder and/or gel. It consists of artificial nails emulating the French style through both pink and white colors of gel builder or acrylic. The main difference between both is that while the French Manicure is a style of nail polish application, the Pink & White is an artificial nail technique.
Mix with french nails: From simple to more complex variations, the French Manicure has proven to be a perfect nail art option. Its simple design creates a universally flattering style that goes with any look.
French manis are elegant and hearken back to classic nail looks from the fifties and sixties, yet they feel clean and modern at the same time. It is minimal and does not look like you are trying too hard, but has a touch of polish and vintage nostalgia. Plus, the style makes your nails look super long. French Manicure choice is such a solid solution to such a time-consuming problem.

Relax while your polish is removed, your nails are shaped, and your hands are bathed in an aromatic soak. Cuticles are groomed and conditioned, hands and arms are massaged with flavors of creamy lotion for few minutes followed by polish. Another nail technique that allows you to own the perfect nail shape with gorgeous color is a gel. Gels come in liquid form. Gel Liquid is applied to your nail bed, then hardened under a UV light or LED. Gel Nails have an elegant, glossy finish. Gel Nails involving powder are technically acrylics in a combination of powder and monomer, or powder added to gel for enhanced strength.

Dip Powder is here to help you solve all those problems. It's stronger than gel, lasts like acrylics, doesn't need a light, and won't ruin your nails. It's the nail Revolution you've been waiting for. The two types of manicures women get most often in a salon are gel polish or acrylic manicures. While your fingernails themselves may not need moisture, your fingertips and cuticles absolutely do. The cuticle is a naturally tough piece of skin, but it is prone to cracking and drying out painfully when it isn’t kept well moisturized.

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Ongles Domaine | Nail service and Spa for everyone in Montréal, QC H1N 2Z7
It’s the 21st century and I don’t think I have to explain so much about the importance of eyebrows to your appearance. Take a look at any red carpet and you will see hundreds of celebrities who had their eyebrows either microbladed or tattooed. Our brows have an unmatched ability to bring proportion to our face, highlight our overall facial structures and frame our eyes beautifully. Your perfect brows depend on your unique face shape and dimensions. Firstly you need to establish which face shape you have. This will help you start to identify what eyebrow shape suits you best.

Heart faces: Try rounded brows to soften your face shape.
Square faces: Try thick, flat brows with a soft arch to soften the angles of your face and add depth.
Rectangular faces: Try slightly curved brows
Round faces: Try high arched brows to lengthen your face.
Oval faces: Try soft, angled brows to help balance your facial features.
Long faces: Try straight brows to add width to your face.
Diamond faces: Try curved brows to shorten your face.

Shaping your eyebrows is a major skill: it’s kinda like art and geometry combined because to find the perfect arch, it’s all about the angles and proportions of your face shape. When you shape your brows, they should be balanced and as symmetrical as possible. Find your ideal brow shape, accentuate your best features, and minimize makeup use. Eyebrows can be hard to get right, and figuring out the best look definitely isn’t easy, but don’t worry, the expert technicians will consult with you and offer their advice if needed. Welcome to Spa & Ongles!


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